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began in 1996 port arthur massacre was from new town, australia and. within days, australia, a country of hunters, passed the strictest gun control legislation in its history. there have been no mass killings since. the academy award winning filmmaker michael moore, the director of "bowling for columbine," response to the sandy hook massacre. >> there are crazy people and there are shootings and killings in norway and france and germany, but there hasn't been 61 mass killings like there have been in this country to a sense columbine. >> and the nra facebook page has gone dark. we will speak with lisa graves about big guns and big money. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. residents of newtown, connecticut, have begun holding the first of many kernels for the 27 victims killed in friday's shooting rampage at sandy hook elementary school. on monday, noah pozner and jack pinto, 06 years old, were laid to rest in small caskets. more funerals are slated today including two more 6-year-old victim's, james matt
that balances commercial interests and brings fish stocks back on track. >> returning to the dutch port after a week of fishing in the north sea. he is only licensed to catch one kind of fish. eu ministers responsible for fisheries say quotas are necessary to protect fish stocks. >> for us, it is about sustainable fishing policy, which is based on the maximum sustainable catch. >> it sounds environmentally friendly, but it results in edible fish being thrown overboard. fisherman dump the unwanted fish that get caught in nets. it does not make much ecological or economic sense. millions of euros are thrown out every year. environmentalists are calling for brussels to enact a throwback band. >> a fisherman has to bring what he catches into port. that would put pressure on the fishing industry because they only want to bring back the valuable kinds. >> in short, throwing good fischbach to see is cheaper than buying new nets like this one. the special design only catches the place. >> it means fishing less foot fishing more sustainably, more intelligently. we are calling on ministers to reduce th
trust to occupy a port portion of the right of way to a portion of the city owned concrete ramp level provide nuclear access to the a proposed new access of the garage at 44 eaive. >> i have sponsored this item on behalf of the item but i would like to refer to supervisor campos total disposal of the item. >>> thank you for support son coring this item on the department of public works and i would like to accepted this back to committee for consideration and it's not because of any questions about the merits or the merits of the project. but it's simply in terms of process, we learned that the t p w final engineering determination was not received by the neighbors about about four days ago and so we want to have a better process in terms of giving the numbers of the public an at any time to provide input on this and so with that in mind, i hereby make a motion to send this back to committee. >> supervisor campos has made a motion to send this back to committee and seconded by supervisor mar and colleagues if we could do that without objection we can send seasoned that back to t
of refurbishing drums and he will be missed as he movies his business from frank to port lapped and you contribute so much to the unique character the san francisco and south of market and thank you for supporting our arts and community which, is deeply moved by your departure and so the board of supervisors pretend you with this accommodation and if you we would like to you come up and take a picture after your words sam. >> well, i want to thank my beautiful wife, i never expected this, janice, all of my employees over the years, jason ebbly, coal gill, rich felix michael park son, mark a both and i already set said my beautiful wife but i'm going to say it again my friend and machinist jack, my favorite thing to do is not sell a thousand dollar drum it's to fix a drum for somebody and send them on their way and know that when they get to their practice or gig, they are going to have a smile on their face knowing that their drum sounds great. that means the most to me. and thank you. thank you supervisor kim we have two more presentations for today and i'll kick off both them and colleagu
's port town on the indian ocean. she met with the president to discuss the $50 billion u.s. dollar project which includes a deep seaport and power plants. it was the first visit by a thai prime minister since the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding in 2008 to develop the area. >> translator: by april of next year, clearer details should be available, and we should also be able it to invite investors to join the prakt. >> the dawei project is set to become the major access point connecting the indian on or about ocean to the south china he sea. it should be a new trading route for thailand and for myanmar a gateway for foreign investment. the project gained extra attention since myanmar launched the open door policy along with economic and credit reforms. >>> land mines and unexploded ordinane ordnance is the danger of war. we have the story. >> a small village in eastern afghanistan mourns the loss of its children. on monday the bodies of 11 girls, aged between 9 and 11 years old, were laid to rest. >> translator: the girls were trying to collect firewood outside the
years ago that britain's largest port of anglo- saxon metalwork was found in a field and staff for chyron. they found -- in staffordshire. they found 19 more pieces. jeremy could have a look. >> anglo-saxon treasurer, 90 artifacts dating back some 1400 years. just the latest fine from a location where the huge staffordshire hall was unearthed in three years ago. but why was so much a valuable stuff. in a field near warsaw? -- buried in a field near warsaw? to one theory is someone under threat had to leave town in a hurry. >> you rode away from your house and found a nice, quiet place, a place that you can remember and you come back for it. >> but they never did. >> no. >> the original, finding included 3900 mainly gold and silver items, up 3.3 million pounds worth. experts thought they had recovered everything. it turns out they had missed a bit. the theory at behind why some of the treasure was met -- was left in the ground was that was buried so deep that it was beyond the range of metal detectors. what has changed now that the crown has recently been proud -- been plowed, b
in mississippi. -- green port. we have time to talk about that? it is important. tavis: background is important. go ahead. >> i am now the spokesperson for an ngo company called haditha and the institute and the gore around the world fighting -- humpty dumpty andinstitute and o around the world finding unexploded bombs. i went to a commune where the entire family had been named. no arms and legs. this is one of my favorite charities. it is a much bigger than me. i think of all the awards on the walls for but then you want to feel like you have done something and this is one of those areas that i have. other charities that i like is out of new york and is the figure skaters in harlem. young children who are taught how to i skate. not just roller skates, i skate. it is nice to give to children. we did not have a lot growing up. those of us to have done so much, we need to bring attention to this kind of things so i am proud. tavis: you do stay busy. >> i stay busy. tavis: anything i have messed up? >> i do not know. i got the gowns. tavis: you got the exhibit in, the solo stuff, the magazine. >> ii pports uulimmted... 3 that'll o it for the late edition, i'm jenniferrgilbert. up next is bbuce cunningham, now. 3 3 the weather matched the mood &ptoday at the ravens complex in owngg miils..dark and gloomy... but then, three connecutive december...has a &ptendency to do that.. that..just about everrthing that couud go wrong, did gg and denver yesserday....and - the fans arr not haapy..we re not used to seeinn this team ssasonand the boos were raining doww sunday...john -3 harbaugh doesn't enjoy hearing - that...but has doesn't necessariiy disagree with & those doing itt.. 3 "it's paiiful. hhre'ssno questionnabout it, it tings, way we had played. we had done things that you just ccn't do if you want to win a football game againss a ood team. we did it in the most inoppootunee tiie. ww diddit early, on thh first ddive, and we ddd it -3 right around halftime. those are the two siiuattons where youureally don't want those phingg to appen more than aay other situation. we deserved it. we've got to go earn those cheers. that's up
-- the mayor of port repubbic, new jerssy is are stealing christmas trees from the toon's public park. with a chemical thaa emits ann pwful smell when introduced to a home's heat..... 3 giberssn says: "moss bunner juice, that they actually use in fertiiizer. heessid mix that with this thing, do it 3 phen you get within five fet pf ttat tree, yoo're not going to want thht in yyur living room." room."the stench is a mix of rotten ggs anndfish.... aad apparentlyyit worked.... the mayor says the ttwn haan't seen any miising trees since putting his ppan into action. - theefog finally 3 burned off this 3 morning... and it turned into a pretty nice day outtthere. let's check in with chief meteorollgist vytas reid for a - look at the forecast. 3 3 a warning for those who use -3 iistagram... why your photos could soon be sold without your permission. 3 and santaaccaus packing heat.....the conttoversy over kids posing for piccures with & guns... bye, mom. we're here! [ giggling ] these days, nobody has time to get sick. mom, i don't feel good. but minuteclini
and fauquier counties have been invited to be a port of it. see the entire list at >>> a police officer in play know, texas recently pulled over a driver because the car didn't have current registration. the driver told the cops he was sorry and he was low on money and had a choice either fork over cash to renew the registration or feed his kids. he chose the kids. the cop handed driver a ticket but inside it $100 bill. >> opened it up and there's $100 bill. i broke down in my car, what else are you going to do? >> the officer does not want to be publicly id'd but co-workers plan to honor him for his generosity. so timely with christmas right around the corner. >>> you know a couple of things, a lot of folks are e- mailing me about white christmas, what are the chances? i just tweeted out the chance in d.c. and places around the u.s.. the percentage. because they're not the same. speaking of snow, we'll take you not in the 40 continuous states, to poland. tremendous snows here's, moe of -- here. most of the video is around warsaw. that looks festive to moe. >> look at the line o
gift marketplace at wal-mart in port covington. this is from last year's event when more than 200 underserved youth are expected to attend today's event. there's an opportunity to shop for gifts for not only themselves but their family members, too. and in this inspires -- if this inspires you to do something good bright ann child's holiday. participate in the kendertime toy drive. we are proud to be partners -- kindertime toy drive. we are proud to be partners with this. your donations will go to area children. drop them off at many placesincluding wall marts and if you want to see a list of the location go to abc to drive. >>> you dream of a white christmas? temperatures are expected to drop but you probably won't see snow when you wake up christmas morning. according to the weather service report, records show that we have seen snowfall on christmas just 12 times in baltimore. lynette echoes that i checked with her and she said that's absolutely true. so don't get too excited about a white christmas. >> we talked about that during the break and lyne
the a website where fans can find local establishments that cater to specific ports teams. it won them a $20,000 prize. >> it's about connecting sports fans around their favorite sports teams. we're bridging that gap between online connections and off line connections at local sports bars. >> i think actually where we got the idea is we're both new york giants fans. it came from difficulty trying to find a sports bar in the d.c. area. >> good luck, buddy. >> the site works in several cities across the country. now they're working on an app for their website. >>> a great game by backup kirk cousins won't keep rg3 off the field as soon as he's ready to go. coach shanahan says he'll go with his starter as soon as doctors say that he's 100%. but shanahan says they're going to make sure that the ligament in his knee and his leg are fine and that there is no chance of reinjuring it before theput him back in. griffin will continue to be evaluated this week ahead of sunday's game against the eagles. even without playing, the rookie quarterback is still setting records. get this. rg3's number 10 jers
suffering from a gunshot wound . he was contrast ported to the hospital. no word on a motive. >>> maryland is ranked #0e9ed 9th in the nation for identity theft. life lock schooled officers on how to crack down on the crime. they say stay away from unsecured websites and cut up envelopes your name and address on it. >>> 10 dogs have graduate from the k-9 unit. the k-9s were all hand selected. >>> baltimore city firefighters spread holiday cheer to sick children at the ronald mcdonald house. firefighters presented t-shirts and toys to more than 40 children. >>> as you just saw, a beautiful day out there. please stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead. just days after the tragedy in newtown, connecticut several lawmakers continue to push for stronger gun laws. more on that coming up on wjz. news and weather any time by logging onto our website, again, a beautiful, beautiful day out there. stay posted for our complete updated weather forecast with marty in just little bit. a can of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ ♪ grown in america.
. it's either producer slow down or, you know, we get crude oil he can ports approved out of this country and this problem will be solved. but i don't know. i ask you guys. >> i've got a trader right here who heard 50 bucks and almost fell out of his chair. weiss? >> i don't see it. there's no way it's going to happen because the spread will be too great and the u.s. will export every spare barrel of capacity and, guess what, the foreign buyers will be taken with open arms. shipping is basically free with the day rate that you're seeing there and that makes no sense whatsoever. if you're holding your brent estimate where it is. >> let me challenge the assumption. we do have the spread which is even wider than that, actually. we have $70 right now, $65 on brent, western canadian select. we have also $12 -- we have wti of midland traveling below the $12 cushion. >> that's not 70. >> well, it's a $12 wti cushioning, another 22 from wti in cushioning all the way to brent. you're trading a 73, $74 a barrel at midland. so what i'm saying to you is we're growing about a million b
refreshed all their mobile products to have this new lightning port for charging and getting audio out. everyone has to update the lightning accessories. surge of android tablets a big met with the nexus 7 and kindle fire hd and the nook tablets from barnes & noble. >> we'll see even more? >> even more because they finally got a foothold against the ipad. companion apps another big trend because every gadget whether it's like your refrigerator or your car seems like it has an app that goes with it to help control it or just make more of that experience. so a lot of app developers making money now making apps for different gadgets. and the wireless living room is another continuing trend where now our tvs have wi-fi, our speakers are bluetooth and wireless and our cell phone chargers are wireless. >> so what's next? our toasters? [ laughter ] >> well, we're still looking at other wireless tv solutions and again 2013 another big rumor going into 2013 is this could be the year we see the apple television the full-fledged television that would have apple services in it. but other new tv t
for some gunmen who bloke into a house in port washington and opened fire today. it happened in the middle of the night one man was shot in the back. he's expected to survive. investigators say he was in the house with his wife and child police say the suspects demanded money and jewelry. still unclear exactly what was taken in this invasion. >>> neighbors in one neighborhood are back at home after affrightsening ordeal. tenants evacuated after a gunman barricaded himself inside the apartment on greenwitch wood drive. no shots were fired and the barricade ended peacefully early this morning. the man was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >>> when you think of a classroom, most of us probably imagine the four walls, desks and maybe a chalkboard. coming up, we'll show you how some local educators are knocking down the walls and introducing life skills in volunteerism into the lives of young people. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. kind of windy but still pretty mild out here. we'll come back and talk about how nigh it's going to be -- nice it's going to be tomorrow and if we will finall
is something we have not dealt with. i held a meeting yesterday between the port of jacksonville and -- to try to find a way to seek navigation at the port. because this committee failed to work on developing this bill those shifts would continue to be endangered and economic development of the porche will continue to suffer. i am pleased the current leadership of this house wasn't in charge when the northeast corridor was forward jenna lee developed because it would not exist today. just like high-speed rail in california, the republicans -- going to impact our nation's economic development, in a very negative way for a very long time. let's be clear. the republicans are no friend to rail. they have things to say about what others are doing wrong that they never put their money where their mouth is. they only go to eight years of the george bush administration to so focused on destroying amtrak which is clearly still the focus of this republican house transportation committee. there is no plan to improve our rail system, no investment in the new system or even the current system. the bush adm
this morning. about 18 for us nasdaq and nearly 10port s&p 500. this on news that president obama has made a new offer to house speaker john barrier as they try to avoid the fiscal cliff. the president is now reportedly seek to go extend the bush era tax cuts for those making below $400,000 a year, up from his previous threshold of $250,000. for more on how this all might play out, pleased to be joined by greg ipps. hi, greg. so how does this latest news, these talks square in with your baseline view of was going on happen here? >> kelly, i think this is pretty good news. up until last friday, we had seen slow movement towards each other's positions by john boehner and barack obama. we had not seen any give on either side in their key issues. yet in the last few days, all this has changed. over the weekend, john boehner apparently came back to the white house and said he would be willing to consider higher tax rates on people making over $1 million. the president responded and said why don't we make it $400,000? that was an important concession from both sides. the president wanted to rais
like stealing, trace. >> reporter: nothing does. this port republic, new jersey, has a quaint little area with tennis courts and ice skating ring but it gets windy. they put up the pine trees to act as wind barrier. wouldn't you know, every christmas somebody comes buy to steal a few of christmas trees, the mayor, that man right there, went to his friends in the forest service to come up with a stinky repellant. they mixed two containers of deer repellant with moss bunker juice. listen. >> moss bunker juice they actually use in fertilizer. he said mix that with this thing. do it twice. put two coats on it. and when you get within five foot of that tree you're not going to want to take it into your living room. >> reporter: oh, no. what does it smell like? sulfur with a hint of rotten eggs, with another hint of rotten fish. since they sprayed the repellant all over the trees, not a single one, megyn has been stolen. not a single one. kind of bummed the mayor out. because he wanted to drive around neighborhoods to see if anybody tossed out the tree because it smelled so badly. once you
. it dates back to 19th century portugal where you get port wine from. >> we love port wine. >> come on. >> now what do we do? >> have one of these. >> bring the potatoes already sliced. have one more scallop. >> was a please implied? >> you just keep layering potatoes like so to cover and then you put the onions down. >> once again, please was implied. >> yes. please, hoda. >> thank you. >> you're doing a fabulous job. >> thank you. >> okay. then you keep layering it and layering it and layering it. where does the cod go? >> the cod is going to go in next? you're going to do this here. >> i have to do everything. >> you didn't get all your onions in there? >> it's a layer. >> it's not equal though, hoda. >> it's a team effort here. let's go. come on, guys. >> i was just going to say -- >> we don't have much time here. >> you pout put more of that on top. >> more cod. then more potatoes. >> yes, yes. keep going with the cod. >> let's taste it. >> portuguese people survived on cod. >> i want to give everybody a little slice. >> is that like a national dish? >> olives. >> then you baky? >
or not it's illinois legal tomorrow port guns into the country. that's why john was arrested. there is a letter from the u.s. ambassador saying the fact that this case has been this process since august is normal. given the nature of the felony he was detained for. introducing or producing weapons of this kind in mexico regard leafs intent is illegal and considered a serious offense. the state department also says americans are arrested in mexico's every year for violating the country's gun laws. a disabled veteran has started an online facebook, free john hammer. if he is not free he faces 12 more years in a mexican prison if convicted. martha: just imagine what his family is going through, eric. thank you for the background on all of that. here with more on this case. kully simpson is a former secretary of defense, a senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation and we thank him for joining us. and apollio acosta is a former director in the embassy in mexico city. apollo, do you agree there is anyway he can be home for christmas? >> i don't see that he'll be home for chris
, the ports and bridges and trains that would have been less safe had he not been there to move legislation that strengthened them. but danny will be remembered far beyond his many tangible achievements. he will live on through the values that he embodied and spread, through the principles he stood up for and shared, through his family who loved him dearly, through the people who will never forget his advocacy, through the country he sacrificed so much for, and of course through all of us who are forever better simply for having served with the greatest senator of all, senator dan inouye. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. mr. president. mr. president, before i yield the floor, i would ask unanimous consent for -- i have four unanimous consent requests for committees to meet during today's session of the senate. they have the approval of the majority and minority leaders, and i ask unanimous consent these requests be agreed to and be printed in the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. murray: thank you, mr. president. i do yield the floor. mr. isakson: mr. presid
.oh yeah. two of them. excellent. we have our first sighting! whales spotted off our port there certainly could be others in there, too. we might just barely be getting to the feeding area. so once we get up there we'll slow down.sure enough, many more whales break the surface. schools of playful dolphins descend on our boat, don't get this at disneyland! it's really exciting. there's probably over a thousand dolphins with maybe up to 20 humpback whales all around. all the sheer waters are here feeding, too. they're all feeding on anchovies. so this is like a big hot spot we hit right in the middle of the ocean. over the years, nancy has captured video of breeching whales, hunting killer whales and some close encounters of the aquatic kind. in fact the humpback whales can be quite curious. sometimes they'll come right up to our boat. we just stop. if they're coming towards us we just stop the boat. and sometimes they're just as curious about us as we are about them so actually that gets pretty exciting. as if on cue today, a humpback does a move called
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)